Machine Setup

Our machine setup is farmer friendly, making it as straightforward as planting the corn seeds.
  • Remove all items from the container and lay the machine on a table with controls pointing up

  • Slide the lower legs on the main frame (feet hanging over edge of table) with the lettering to the outside so it matches up with lettering on main frame

  • Install the included ¼”-20 set screws (two on each lower leg). Line up legs and tighten with the supplied 1/8” Allen wrench

  • Set the machine upright and attach the quick connect air fitting (included)

  • Clean the bowl and cutter

  • Place the bowl over the centering device

  • Insert the cutter spacing ring and cutter into the centering device in the center of the bowl. A larger cutter is included for larger diameter ears which does not require the spacer ring

  • Connect the air hose

  • Set the air pressure to 75-85 psi

  • Cycle the air cylinder down and up with the control handle to verify it passes through the cutting device

Machine Operation

Our machine is designed to be easy to operate and easy to clean; making corn stripping effortless and efficient.
  • For best results, use sweet corn that has been freshly picked

  • It is best not to use crooked or deformed ears of corn

  • It is best to pick corn when it is fresh and “young” as that will yield the sweetest and most tender corn

  • Don’t pass extra large diameter cobs through the cutter as that will jam the cutter

  • Make sure the corn is husked and the silk is removed

  • Place a 5 gallon plastic bucket under the machine to capture the stripped cobs

  • Find a comfortable chair to sit in

  • Verify the air source is connected and the pressure set to 75-85 psi

  • Make sure the blunt end of the cobs are cut squarely

  • With the supplied tongs, grab an ear of corn and place the small end into the cutting device

  • While holding the ear centered over the air cylinder with your right hand, slowly engage the control handle with your left hand until the cylinder: contacts the ear of corn then, then engage the control handle all the way until it pushes the cob through the center. If an ear jams, cut it off just above the cutting device and the ear should then push through with the air ram

  • Reverse the control handle until the cylinder fully retracts

  • You are ready for the next ear

  • Once the bowl is full, lift it off the centering device and empty into a larger container

  • Reposition the bowl and make sure the cutting device is once again centered

  • Once you are finished with the session, it is important to thoroughly clean the machine with water and a mild cleanser like Dawn

  • For assistance you can contact us at: 209 969 6043 or